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Improvement of Postural Reprogramming by a Nanotechnology Device

The acquisition by man of the upright posture marks a great achievement in its evolutionary path allowing it to integrate itself more efficiently with the environment in which it finds itself living, both in terms of the individual's ability to face a stressful situation and therefore in the life of relationships, both in terms of movement efficiency and muscle coordination, fine and precise demand in particular sports disciplines. Since it is well known the interaction between electromagnetic field and biological structures, electromagnetic devices that in some way can interact with the electromagnetic field of man may influence and improve some functions of the organism. The purpose of the following work is to demonstrate how the information recorded in a nanotechnology electromagnetic postural devices, can modulate the antigravity muscle tone, thus influencing the posture of the subjects, to whom the devices were applied, evaluating the changes in the pressure center by means of the static stabilometric examination. The postural setting of the subjects, examined before and after the application of nanotechnological devices, was significantly improved. In conclusion, it is possible to hypothesize that the electromagnetic field has generated a rebalancing of ionic exchanges at the level of the cellular plasma membrane, with the consequent repolarization and normalization of the conductivity, which has influenced the activity of the nervous system. The results of this experimental work tend to confirm the potential that quantum physics can reserve in the field of medicine.

Nanocrystals, Quantum Dots, Nanotechnology Device, Electromagnetic Field, Proprioception

Francesco Di Summa, Francesco Saverio Capobianco, Anna Shevchenko, Angelo De Martino, Simone Beninati, et al. (2019). Improvement of Postural Reprogramming by a Nanotechnology Device. International Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 6(3), 57-61.

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