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Descriptive Serological Diagnostic Techniques of HIV and AIDS Infections Amongst Adults Persons in Maiduguri, Nigeria

This research study was conducted on the Descriptive Serological Diagnostic Techniques of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/ AIDS) infections amongst adult persons in Maiduguri, Nigeria. 108 blood samples of the volunteers were randomly collected and analysed; 52% (56) are males, while 48% (52) are females. Serological and CD4 cells count techniques were applied. 45 persons were infected, had a total of 42% Seropositivity of infections with HIV/AIDS. Out of the total Seropositive, 64% (29) are females and 16 36% (16) are males. The results revealed that, less than 20 years old are 20% (9), 21 to 30 years are 38% (17), 31 to 40 years are 36% (16), 41 to 50 years are 7% (3) and lastly, those within age range of 51 to 60 years old were found to be seronegative. CD4 count revealed that, those showed seropositive of the total percentage prevalence of HIV/AIDS infection within the range order of the CD4 count range (200/µl), are 4% and are at risk of weaker immunity or immunodeficiency. Conclusively, those within the age of 20 to 40 years are sexually active, are at risk factor and the females had the highest seroprevalence. Variables obtained are subjected to simple statistical tools; percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results obtained in this study are accepted and support the works of most authors, the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations should create awareness and positive perceptions on the malignant disease, HIV / AIDS in the study area, Nigeria and the entire world at large.

HIV / AIDS, HIV-1 and HIV-2, CD4 Count, Seropositivity, Seroprevalence, Serological Diagnosis

Abubakar Mustapha B., Modu Gana Umara, Gwana Adamu Mohammed, Bukar-Kolo M. Yachilla. (2015). Descriptive Serological Diagnostic Techniques of HIV and AIDS Infections Amongst Adults Persons in Maiduguri, Nigeria. International Journal of Immunology, 3(2), 14-20.

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