ICCEE2023&ICEER2023 Book of Abstracts

ISBN: 979-8-88599-051-6
Published Date: July 1, 2023
Publisher: Science Publishing Group
Publication Status: Published
About This Book

2023 7th International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering (ICCEE2023) and 2023 7th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Resources (ICEER2023) are organized by Shanghai Laixi Conference Services Co., Ltd. According to the similarity among the topics of ICCEE2023 and ICEER2023, ICCEE2023 is held in conjunction with ICEER2023 virtually on May 27, 2023.

ICCEE2023 and ICEER2023 serve as an optimal platform for specialists, scholars and researchers in the field related to civil and environmental engineering, energy, environment and resources to facilitate academic communications and exchange ideas. The conferences offer an academic space known for its interdisciplinary approach as well as a space for academics and practitioners.

The abstracts that were selected had a complete peer review process. Selected papers are also published at the cooperating journals of each conference. They show the richness in interdisciplinary approaches, theories, models and applied research presented in the conference.

We would like to thank you for your scientific contribution to ICCEE2023 and ICEER2023 and look forward to having the opportunity to showcase and disseminate your research.


ICCEE2023 and ICEER2023 Organizing Committees