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The Interplay of the Local Microbiome with Oral Mucosal Immune Compartment: Minireview

The oral microbiome is formed and functioned in balanced state during health and in an unbalanced state in the disease conditions. Microbiome in the oral compartment combats the weapons of the invading microbial pathogens .Now , there are a specific microbiome signature in each of the cases of health and disease. Oral microbiome expressed; probiotic, antigenic competition and immunomodulatory effects locally in the oral compartment .In the immunologic sense ,oral microbiome is constituting an element that is able to interact in a bidirectional fashion with the components of the oral immune compartment with the net result of homiostasis , immune response ,tolerance ,anergy and hypersensitivity and/or immune mediated diseases .Thus it has played an important roles in oral immune mechanisms.

Anergy, Antigenic Competition, Hypersensitivity, Immune, Response, Mucosa, Microbiome Oral

Ibrahim Mohamed Saeed Shnawa. (2015). The Interplay of the Local Microbiome with Oral Mucosal Immune Compartment: Minireview. American Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences, 3(4-1), 17-19.

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