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Numerical Study of Combined Natural Convection and Radiation in Three Dimensional Solar Thermal Collector: Focus on the Inclination Effect on Heat Transfer

This paper studies the effect of the combined natural convection and radiation on the heat transfer and this, in an inclined solar thermal collector. A 3D numerical code is developed to solve respectively the convection equations according to the vorticity-vector potential formulation and the radiation equation. The discretize schema is the control volume method for the convection and the FTnFVM for the radiative equation. Numerical solutions are obtained for Pr=0.71, Ra=105, and the radiation-conduction parameter (rc) ranging from 0 to ∞. The medium is considered as gray. Indeed, it emits and absorbs heat.

Natural Convection, Radiation, Inclinaned Cavity, Solar Collector

Kaouther Ghachem, Mohamed Bechir Ben Hamida, Chamseddine Maatki, Lioua Kolsi, Mohamed Naceur Borjini, et al. (2015). Numerical Study of Combined Natural Convection and Radiation in Three Dimensional Solar Thermal Collector: Focus on the Inclination Effect on Heat Transfer. American Journal of Modern Energy, 1(2), 44-51.

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