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The Evaluation of Oral Health in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease – A Longitudinal Study

Background: Chronic kidney disease affects more than 10% of people globally. The aim of the study was to assess oral health in patients with chronic kidney disease. The sample was composed of 233 patients, of which 147 (63%) were males and 86 (37%) were females. Participants' age varied from 31 to 70 years old. We divided the participants into four age groups: 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, and 61-70 years old. Data were analyzed by using (IBM, New York, USA, SPSS Statistics for Windows), Version 23.0. The significance level (α) was set at 0.05, with a confidence interval (CI) of 95%. The prevailing age range was from 51 to 60 years old, with 31.8% of the participants. A considerable number of patients with chronic kidney disease had low incomes, respectively 42.4% of them. 80.7% of the patients were current smokers and 73.4% of them consumed alcohol. A large proportion of respondents 83.7% of them were diabetic patients. 63.1% of the participants reported that they had hypertension. According to our findings, 55.8% of the participants brush their teeth only once a day. The study found a strong correlation between chronic kidney disease and diabetes mellitus (CI 95; 1.17-1.33, P-value ˂.0001), hypertension (P ˂.0001), alcohol consumption (P=.001), and smoking (P =.000). Gingivitis was the most common oral disease which affected 73.4% of the participants, followed by 56.7% of them who had dental caries.

Alcohol Consumption, Chronic Kidney Disease, Dental Caries, Diabetes Mellitus, Gingivitis, Hypertension

Mimoza Canga, Irene Malagnino, Edit Xhajanka, Rozela Xhemnica, Vergjini Mulo, et al. (2023). The Evaluation of Oral Health in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease – A Longitudinal Study. International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Science, 9(1), 1-5.

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