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The Vibration Characteristics of Diesel Engine Cylinder Piston Rings Under Different Wear

In this paper, Through the experimental research on the wear of cylinder liner and piston ring of diesel engine under different forms, The purpose is to study the vibration law of piston ring of cylinder liner of diesel engine under different wear conditions, and obtain the vibration law through vibration signal analysis, which provides theoretical support for the design of diesel engine. The relevant laws are obtained, which provides good technical support for the follow-up design and research. to explore the use of vibration signals to monitor the cylinder piston ring wear state of the feasibility of starting, summed up the vibration signal of diesel engine piston ring and cylinder liner wear contact the specific state, According to the wear state of multiple sets of cylinder liner piston rings and the change trend of each characteristic parameters of vibration signal: As the wear of the piston ring increases, the vibration signal increases and the vibration characteristic parameters increases; The variation trend of each vibration characteristic quantity with the cylinder liner piston ring is basically the same, and it increases with the increase of wear quantity; When the amount of cylinder liner piston ring is large, the gap between them is also large. The increase of clearance causes the change of characteristic parameters greatly, otherwise it is smaller. Therefore, the larger the gap, the more reliable the diagnosis will be the vibration signal analysis cylinder piston ring wear state of the specific program for diesel engine maintenance and provides the basis for maintenance.

Piston Ring and Cylinder, Wear, Vibration Signal, Time Domain Analysis, Frequency Domain Analysis

Yongchao Cheng, Yaofei Li, Miao Zhang, Haihua Deng, Shuai Wang. (2021). The Vibration Characteristics of Diesel Engine Cylinder Piston Rings Under Different Wear. International Journal of Transportation Engineering and Technology, 7(4), 92-96.

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