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A Wideband Directional Microstrip Slot Antenna for On-Body Applications

Antennas are one of the main components of every wireless telecommunication system. With wideband antennas for on-body applications, there are some additional features that should be considered including radiation and physical size. In this paper, we presented a wideband omnidirectional slot antenna with a reflector element improvised under the feed line in order to minimize the impact of body on the antenna. Curiously, this reflector element allows for directionality of the antenna. In the following sections of the paper we will show that less power can penetrate body tissues in the presence of reflector elements; thus, wideband directional antennas are influenced less by human body than omindirectional antenna.

Directivity, On-Body Application, Slot Antenna, Reflector Element, Wideband

Mehdi Hamidkhani, Behdad Arandian. (2015). A Wideband Directional Microstrip Slot Antenna for On-Body Applications. Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 3(3), 48-51.

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