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RNA-Seq Analysis in Fruit Science: A Review

Fruit breeding is an ancient technology with dynamic current techniques and an exciting future. There are a number of restraints to conventional fruit breeding which are especially limiting in tree fruits with their long juvenile period, large plant size, and which are represented by unique, highly-selected heterozygous genotypes. Biotechnology offers to minimize disadvantages of classical breeding techniques. In this sense, fruit breeding refers to the purposeful genetic improvement of fruit crops through various techniques including selection, hybridization, mutation induction, and molecular techniques. Among molecular techniques, sequencing technology have been used for many years and recently a new concept titled “RNA-Seq” have been started to performed to understand molecular mechanisms in fruits. RNA-Seq analysis is an effective tool to understand which genes involved and expressed in different mechanisms and organs/cells of a plant. Recently, many articles have been published using RNA-Seq in fruits. In the present review, we illustrated how to apply different RNA-Seq platforms in fruits with examples.

Sequencing, Illumina, Gene, Breeding, Fruit

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Ozhan Simsek, Dicle Donmez, Yildiz Aka Kacar. (2017). RNA-Seq Analysis in Fruit Science: A Review. American Journal of Plant Biology, 2(3-1), 1-7.

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Ozhan Simsek; Dicle Donmez; Yildiz Aka Kacar. RNA-Seq Analysis in Fruit Science: A Review. Am. J. Plant Biol. 2017, 2(3-1), 1-7. doi: 10.11648/j.ajpb.s.2017020301.11

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Ozhan Simsek, Dicle Donmez, Yildiz Aka Kacar. RNA-Seq Analysis in Fruit Science: A Review. Am J Plant Biol. 2017;2(3-1):1-7. doi: 10.11648/j.ajpb.s.2017020301.11

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