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Predictors of Academic Burnout Among Nursing Students in Ghana, an Institutionalised Based Cross-Sectional Study

Nursing students inability to cope with academic burnout is on ascendency leading to poor academic achievements. The concept of burnout and its multifaceted determinants among nursing students had been understudied in Ghana. This study aimed to identify predictive variables of academic burnout among students of the Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Dormaa Ahenkro, Ghana. An institutionalized based cross-sectional design was employed to enlist (n=196) health trainees using a simple random sampling technique. A well-structured questionnaire with a modified burnout inventory scale was administered to collect data face-to-face with students. Data was exported into SPSS version 27 (USA) after being managed in Microsoft Excel (2019). Univariate analysis was conducted and findings were displayed using tables. The mean score of participants' burnout was used as a cut-off point to categorize levels of burnout. Bivariate and Multivariate analysis was conducted to determine the association between the outcome and predictor variables. A 95% level of confidence interval and an alpha-value below 0.05 indicated a statistically significant correlation. A high (53.8%) academic burnout of student was found. Increasesed academic overload [aOR= 2.78 (1.44-5.37), p=0.002] and many extra-curricular activities [aOR= 2.11 (1.08-4.12), p=0.0029] predicted students' high academic burnout. Student academic burnout was high as a result of an overload of academic activities and extracurricular works. The need to orient students through education on burnout reduction mechanisms would help sudents devise strategies for coping with academic stress, subsequent to managing academic burnout.

Academic Burnout, Nursing Student, Predictors

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Charles Agyemang Prempeh, Obed Kweku Cudjoe, Maxwell Owusu Peprah, Philip Abu, Mawuko Setordzi. (2023). Predictors of Academic Burnout Among Nursing Students in Ghana, an Institutionalised Based Cross-Sectional Study. American Journal of Nursing Science, 12(5), 87-95.

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Charles Agyemang Prempeh; Obed Kweku Cudjoe; Maxwell Owusu Peprah; Philip Abu; Mawuko Setordzi. Predictors of Academic Burnout Among Nursing Students in Ghana, an Institutionalised Based Cross-Sectional Study. Am. J. Nurs. Sci. 2023, 12(5), 87-95. doi: 10.11648/j.ajns.20231205.11

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Charles Agyemang Prempeh, Obed Kweku Cudjoe, Maxwell Owusu Peprah, Philip Abu, Mawuko Setordzi. Predictors of Academic Burnout Among Nursing Students in Ghana, an Institutionalised Based Cross-Sectional Study. Am J Nurs Sci. 2023;12(5):87-95. doi: 10.11648/j.ajns.20231205.11

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