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Design and Fabrication of a Prototype Pneumatic Cylinder

Pneumatic systems play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry. Many industrial machine require pneumatic systems to operate at present. In industrial machine systems, pneumatic cylinders are one of the machine parts that operate with a high level of intensity; therefore, it is necessary to replace and maintain pneumatic cylinders. The purpose of this paper is to propose the design and production of a prototype pneumatic cylinder that is inexpensive and suitable for single-unit production. The article proposes an approach for determining, developing, and fabricating a pneumatic cylinder prototype for industrial equipment. From the initial working requirements given, a pneumatic cylinder prototype was designed and simulated on Solidwork software. To demonstrate the accuracy of the model, simulations of motion are also taken into account. Next, the dimensions of the pneumatic cylinder are calculated in full detail based on the preliminary model to ensure that they meet the design specifications. The control circuit system is then designed and calculated in accordance with the system's structure. Then, Automation Studio software is utilized to recalculate and validate the model's accuracy. Finally, a pneumatic cylinder prototype was constructed to validate the model. Prototypes are manufactured by CNC machining with the support of CAD/CAM technology. The prototype's smooth motion demonstrates the accuracy of the design process.

Pneumatic Cylinder, Solidworks, Automation Studio, Prototype

APA Style

Nguyen Xuan Quynh, Tran Thanh Tung. (2023). Design and Fabrication of a Prototype Pneumatic Cylinder. Industrial Engineering, 7(1), 1-6.

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Nguyen Xuan Quynh; Tran Thanh Tung. Design and Fabrication of a Prototype Pneumatic Cylinder. Ind. Eng. 2023, 7(1), 1-6. doi: 10.11648/

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Nguyen Xuan Quynh, Tran Thanh Tung. Design and Fabrication of a Prototype Pneumatic Cylinder. Ind Eng. 2023;7(1):1-6. doi: 10.11648/

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