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Evaluation of Biological Approaches of Green Synthesized MgO Nanoparticles by Syzygium aromaticum

Green synthesis approaches are acquiring importance due to their environmentally safe, commercial scalability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, simplicity and efficiency in large scale synthesis. Spice extract consist of numerous biochemical and phytochemical compounds that serve as capping and reducing agent that facilitates the production of non-toxic nanoparticles that are useful for pharmaceutical and biological applications. In the present study, MgO nanoparticles were successfully synthesized by the use of extract of Syzygium aromaticum. FTIR, SEM, XRD, EDX and UV visible were used for the characterization of MgO nanoparticles. The absorbance at 480nm from UV-visible spectroscopy shows the establishment of MgO nanoparticles. The FTIR results indicated the presence of functional groups responsible for the formation of nanoparticles and the peak between 549.71 and 489.92 cm-1 confirm the presence of magnesium oxide. The average particle size of MgO nanoparticles is 16nm which is confirmed by XRD. Scherer formula was used to calculate the average crystallite size of MgO nanoparticles. EDX analysis revealed the elemental composition. The phytochemical analysis of extract of Syzygium aromaticum performed and their analysis showed the presence of Phytoconstituents. The antifungal activity of prepared MgO nanoparticles was investigated by Disc diffusion method. Results showed the highest activity against A. parasiticus (24 mm DIZ). Overall results of the present study showed green synthesized MgO nanoparticles possess potent antifungal activity.

Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles, Green Synthesis, Characterization, Antifungal Activity

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Muneeza Munir, Syeda Mona Hassan, Shahzad Sharif Mughal, Alvina Rafiq. (2022). Evaluation of Biological Approaches of Green Synthesized MgO Nanoparticles by Syzygium aromaticum. International Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 6(2), 44-53.

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Muneeza Munir; Syeda Mona Hassan; Shahzad Sharif Mughal; Alvina Rafiq. Evaluation of Biological Approaches of Green Synthesized MgO Nanoparticles by Syzygium aromaticum. Int. J. Atmos. Oceanic Sci. 2022, 6(2), 44-53. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaos.20220602.12

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Muneeza Munir, Syeda Mona Hassan, Shahzad Sharif Mughal, Alvina Rafiq. Evaluation of Biological Approaches of Green Synthesized MgO Nanoparticles by Syzygium aromaticum. Int J Atmos Oceanic Sci. 2022;6(2):44-53. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaos.20220602.12

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