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Near Inertial Oscillations and Vertical Velocities Modulating Phytoplankton After a Storm in the Mediterranean Sea

Understanding the impact of storms on phytoplankton dynamics is a complex and crucial issue, both on regional and global scales. Here we address this question by conducting a numerical modeling study to represent the physical forcing and phytoplankton response of an intense storm that occurred in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea in late spring 2019. This numerical study, employing the SYMPHONIE regional circulation model, covers and complements in situ observations gathered during the FUMSECK cruise. Our realistic numerical simulation unveils that the storm event triggered robust near-inertial oscillations (NIOs) in a two-layer system, spanning a 5000 km² area and persisting for a duration of 3-4 days. We demonstrate the oscillatory pattern of the NIOs vertical velocities. Notably, our modeled vertical velocities reach a maximum of 10-3 m s-1 and coincide with a substantial 1.3-fold increase in total chlorophyll concentration. These findings underline the significance of considering the vertical dynamics linked to NIOs induced by meteorological events that are projected to grow both in frequency and intensity in the context of ongoing climate change. The outcomes of this study contribute valuable insights into the intricate relationship between storms and phytoplankton, shedding light on the potential ecological consequences of future climate shifts, and emphasizing the need for more comprehensive investigations to address this complex issue effectively.

Near Inertial Oscillations, Vertical Velocities, Storm, Mediterranean Sea

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Comby, C., Petrenko, A., Estournel, C., Marsaleix, P., Ulses, C., et al. (2023). Near Inertial Oscillations and Vertical Velocities Modulating Phytoplankton After a Storm in the Mediterranean Sea. Journal of Water Resources and Ocean Science, 12(2), 31-37.

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Comby, C.; Petrenko, A.; Estournel, C.; Marsaleix, P.; Ulses, C., et al. Near Inertial Oscillations and Vertical Velocities Modulating Phytoplankton After a Storm in the Mediterranean Sea. J. Water Resour. Ocean Sci. 2023, 12(2), 31-37. doi: 10.11648/j.wros.20231202.12

AMA Style

Comby C, Petrenko A, Estournel C, Marsaleix P, Ulses C, et al. Near Inertial Oscillations and Vertical Velocities Modulating Phytoplankton After a Storm in the Mediterranean Sea. J Water Resour Ocean Sci. 2023;12(2):31-37. doi: 10.11648/j.wros.20231202.12

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