International Journal of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (ISSN Online: 2575-3142, ISSN Print: 2575-3150) publishes state-of-the-art fundamental and applied research in manufacturing at the systems level. It aims at imparting fundamental knowledge to develop the ability to address complex industrial issues, highlighting how to design, run, control and optimize production systems. The mission of the journal is to publish archival scholarly literature with the goal of advancing the state of the art in manufacturing systems and encouraging innovation in developing efficient, robust and sustainable manufacturing systems.

The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ergonomics in Job and Work Design
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • IE Applications and Practices in Energy Management
  • Maintenance Engineering and Management
  • Performance Analysis and Simulation
  • Productivity and Business Strategies
  • Sustainable Engineering and Development
  • Work Measurement and Methods Engineering
  • Green Resource Optimization
  • Engineering Economic Analysis
  • Engineering Experimental Design
  • Quality Engineering, Environment Risk Analysis
  • Simulation Modelling/Analysis
  • Facilities Layout/Design
  • Engineering Economy and Cost Estimation
  • Facilities Design and Location
  • Healthcare Systems Engineering
  • Management Information Systems
  • Materials Handling
  • Production Systems Design, Planning and Control
  • Service Systems Engineering and Management
  • Total Quality Management and Quality Control
  • Industrial Engineering Education and Practices
  • Operations Research and mathematical models
  • Computer Methods for Engineering
  • CIMS, Robotics and Automation
  • Human Factors/Ergonomics in Design
  • Production Systems Analysis/Design
  • Project Management, Decision Support Systems

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