Advances in Materials

Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2023

  • Evaluation of the Properties of Local Sands Used in a Cement Mortar and in the Formulation of a Standard Sand to Test the Class of Cements

    Brige Dublin Boussa Elenga, Louis Ahouet, Sylvain Ndinga Okina

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2023
    Pages: 31-38
    Received: 21 July 2023
    Accepted: 5 August 2023
    Published: 22 August 2023
    Abstract: The aim of this work was to provide a better alternative to the problems of importing standardized sand and to make good use of local sand to produce a quality mortar. Sand samples taken from various locations in the city of Brazzaville were subjected to a number of laboratory tests and to two types of mortar formulation. The results obtained show ... Show More
  • Impact of Blast Furnace Slags as a Substitute Aggregate on the Strength of Hydraulic Concretes

    Mouhamed Lamine Cherif Aidara, Adama Dione, Alioune Badara Ndiaye

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2023
    Pages: 39-44
    Received: 24 March 2023
    Accepted: 14 April 2023
    Published: 8 September 2023
    Abstract: The blast furnace slag comes out of the blast furnace in liquid form at 1500°C. When cooled slowly, in the open air, the crystallized blast furnace slag is obtained. Its uses are generally the same as those of natural rocks. The purpose of this article is to measure the influence of the substitution of Diack basalt aggregates by blast furnace slags... Show More