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Confirmation of Santilli’s Detection of Antimatter Galaxies Via a Telescope with Concave Lenses

Following decades of mathematical, theoretical, and experimental research on antimatter, recent results have announced the apparent detection of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays via the use of a new telescope with concave lenses known as the Santilli telescope. This article presents results providing additional confirmations that Santilli has indeed achieved the first known detection of antimatter in the large scale structure of the universe, and identifies the main implications.

Antimatter Galaxies, Antimatter Asteroids, Antimatter Cosmic Rays

Simone Beghella-Bartoli, Prashant M. Bhujbal, Alex Nas. (2014). Confirmation of Santilli’s Detection of Antimatter Galaxies Via a Telescope with Concave Lenses. American Journal of Modern Physics, 4(1-1), 34-41.

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