International Journal of Sports Science and Physical Education

Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2022

  • The Availability and Utilization of Information and Communication Technology for Officiating Sports in Nigeria

    Aribamikan Collins Gboyega

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2022
    Pages: 45-49
    Received: 4 March 2022
    Accepted: 6 April 2022
    Published: 14 April 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijsspe.20220702.11
    Abstract: In the developed world's sports industry, the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for officiating sports has acquired widespread acceptance and use. However, the level of availability and utilization of ICT by sports officials in Nigeria while officiating sporting events in Nigeria was observed to be low. In light of this, the pur... Show More
  • Incidence of Tibial Stress Fracture in Filipino Collegiate Athletes

    Fille Claudine Nombres Cainglet, Ray Allen Sinlao

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2022
    Pages: 50-52
    Received: 25 April 2022
    Accepted: 10 May 2022
    Published: 19 May 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijsspe.20220702.12
    Abstract: Tibial stress fractures (TSF) are common overuse injuries in athletes. Shin splints account for initial presentation of TSF. Athletes oftentimes disregard this symptom, which may lead to greater risk for injury, such as a stress fracture. In the Philippines, most injuries at the collegiate level are under reported, with athletes seeking orthopedic ... Show More
  • Effects of Different Exercise Modes on Arterial Stiffness in Young People

    Jianchang Ren, Haili Xiao, Ping Wang

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2022
    Pages: 53-58
    Received: 28 May 2022
    Accepted: 15 June 2022
    Published: 27 June 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijsspe.20220702.13
    Abstract: Arterial stiffness is an index of disease, and it is also an independent predictor of cardiovascular events. Different exercise programs may have different effects on arterial stiffness. We designed to use aortic pulse wave velocity (PWV, an index of arterial stiffness) to evaluate human arterial stiffness and observed the effects of swimming, mart... Show More