World Journal of Public Health

Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2019

  • Female Genital Mutilation in Benin: Prevalence and Associated Factors Based on Data from the Demographic and Health Survey, 2011-2012

    Alphonse Kpozehouen, Yolaine Glele Ahanhanzo, Elvyre Klikpo, Colette Azandjame, Alphonse Chabi, Charles Sossa Jerome, Moussiliou Noel Paraiso, Edgard-Marius Ouendo

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2019
    Pages: 74-80
    Received: 29 August 2019
    Accepted: 4 October 2019
    Published: 23 October 2019
    Abstract: Female genital mutilation has multiple adverse impacts on victims’ physical and psychosocial well-being. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and potential factors associated with female genital mutilation in Benin. A logistic regression was performed on the 2011 Benin Demographic and Health Survey dataset, using Stata 12. The dependent var... Show More
  • Assessment of the Quality of Care at the Paediatric Dental Clinic of a Tertiary Health Institution in Nigeria

    Joycelyn Odegua Eigbobo, Felix Emeka Anyiam, Seye Babatunde

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2019
    Pages: 81-86
    Received: 8 May 2019
    Accepted: 15 November 2019
    Published: 25 November 2019
    Abstract: To evaluate the quality of clinical records as a measure of quality of paediatric oral health care in a tertiary health institution, in Nigeria. A 12-month retrospective review of clinical records of all paediatric dental patients seen in the dental centre of a tertiary hospital in Nigeria was carried out. The clinical records were assessed using a... Show More
  • Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Infection Prevention Among Health Care Providers in Chibombo District Zambia

    Evason Mandona, Ebenezer Obi Daniel, Paul Olaiya Abiodun, Israel Olukayode Popoola, Olayinka Victor Ojo, Christie Omolola Adams, Stellamaris Moronkeji

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2019
    Pages: 87-95
    Received: 25 October 2019
    Accepted: 22 November 2019
    Published: 6 December 2019
    Abstract: Hospital or Health facility acquired infections referred to as Nosocomial Infections are health care-associated infections that remain an important Provider/patient safety issue and represent a significant adverse outcome of the health care system. The topic of infection prevention is very important in reducing health costs and the impact of infect... Show More
  • Effect of Achyranthes Aspera Leaf Extract on Hematological Parameters of Swiss Albino Mice

    Emmanuel Asuquo Etim, Yusuf Abdulhakeem Adebayo, Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2019
    Pages: 96-101
    Received: 9 May 2018
    Accepted: 24 May 2018
    Published: 10 December 2019
    Abstract: Background/Objective: Achyranthes aspera is an erect flowering medicinal herb use in folkloric medicine. This study aims to examine the effect of methanolic leaf extract of Achyranthes aspera on hematological parameters of Swiss albino mice. Materials and Methods: 70 adult mice of both sexes with mean weight of 22 ± 5g were used for this study. Ach... Show More
  • Current Status of Nursing Research on Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome Based on Co-word Analysis

    Yun Chen, Meng Zhang, Lilan He

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2019
    Pages: 102-108
    Received: 7 November 2019
    Accepted: 28 November 2019
    Published: 11 December 2019
    Abstract: Using the "Beckwith Wiedemann" "care" or "Beckwith Wiedemann" "nursing" literature in the core collection of Web of Science (WOS) as a data source to understand and analyze the current status of nursing research in Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome for Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome care Provide clinical and research references. The selected literature titl... Show More