Science Discovery

Volume 11, Issue 5, October 2023

  • Research Article

    Antivenom Shortage in the Early 21st Century and Its Countermeasures

    Shi Wei-ren

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 5, October 2023
    Pages: 175-182
    Received: Aug. 22, 2023
    Accepted: Sep. 06, 2023
    Published: Sep. 27, 2023
    DOI: 10.11648/
    Abstract: Since the introduction of domestic antivenom in the 1970s and 1980s, with the improvement of medical conditions in China after the reform and opening up, it has basically achieved popularization from the 1990s to the first few years of the 21st century. However, with the establishment of the socialist market economy and the completion of the medica... Show More
  • Review Article

    Influence of HPMC & VAE on the Performance of Dry-Mixed Mortars

    Zhang Yinxiang, Chen Xiangjuan, Wang Zhaojia, Cai Luhong

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 5, October 2023
    Pages: 183-188
    Received: Jul. 14, 2023
    Accepted: Aug. 08, 2023
    Published: Oct. 28, 2023
    Abstract: The mechanism of HPMC and VAE on the properties of dry-mixed mortar was studied by using self-developed crack resistance test method & etc. The results show that HPMC will significantly increase the water demand, VAE can significantly reduce the water, and the mixed result is higher than the sum of the two. Both HPMC and VAE can retain water, but t... Show More