American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics

Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2022

  • Ratio Estimator of Population Mean in Simple Random Sampling

    Sheryl Chebet Kosgey, Leo Odongo

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2022
    Pages: 167-174
    Received: 9 October 2022
    Accepted: 27 October 2022
    Published: 4 November 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajtas.20221106.11
    Abstract: This paper considers the problem of estimating the population mean in Simple Random Sampling. One key objective of any statistical estimation process is to find estimates of parameter of interest with more efficiency. It is well established that incorporating additional information in the estimation procedure gives enhanced estimators. Ratio estima... Show More
  • Application of Progressive Type II Hybrid Censoring Scheme to Estimate Parameters of Kumaraswamy Distribution

    Meymuna Shariff Jaffer, Edward Gachangi Njenga, George Kemboi Kirui Keitany

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2022
    Pages: 175-183
    Received: 22 October 2022
    Accepted: 7 November 2022
    Published: 11 November 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajtas.20221106.12
    Abstract: This paper considers the Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Kumaraswamy distribution centered on progressive type II hybrid censoring scheme using the expectation maximization algorithm. Kumaraswamy distribution remains of keen consideration in disciplines such as economics, hydrology and survival analysis. To compare the performance of the attained... Show More
  • Comparative Analysis of Efficiency of Maximum Likelihood and Minimum Distance Estimation Techniques in Estimating Wind Distribution Parameters

    Okumu Otieno Kevin, Troon John Benedict, Samuel Muthiga Nganga

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2022
    Pages: 184-199
    Received: 17 May 2022
    Accepted: 16 June 2022
    Published: 22 November 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajtas.20221106.13
    Abstract: Wind distributions are essential in making predictions on chances of getting particular wind speeds and even the ability of particular areas producing specified wind power. However, the accuracy of the parameters in predicting the wind speeds and potential wind power depends on the robustness of the distribution parameters in the fitted wind distri... Show More
  • Analysis of Honey Value Chain: In Case of Mesela District, West Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia

    Kemer Omer Yuya

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2022
    Pages: 200-218
    Received: 29 July 2022
    Accepted: 13 September 2022
    Published: 22 November 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajtas.20221106.14
    Abstract: The purpose of this study was to analyze honey value chain with special emphasis to Mesela District, West Hararghe zone, Oromia, Ethiopia. The main objectives of the study were to identify the actors, activities, the distribution of costs and benefits among them and to identify factors affecting farmers’ participation in honey marketing and volume ... Show More
  • Analysis of Volatility of Cryptocurrencies in the Global Market

    Douglas Wangila Khamila, Pius Kihara, Levi Mbugua

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2022
    Pages: 219-224
    Received: 28 October 2022
    Accepted: 16 November 2022
    Published: 30 November 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajtas.20221106.15
    Abstract: The motivation of this study was to analyze the volatility of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple cryptocurrencies in the global market. The weekly price and cryptocurrency trading datasets were outsourced from https.// The period under study was from 1st February 2015 to 26th December 2021. Descriptive statistics for each cryptocurrenc... Show More
  • Exponential Mean and Ratio-Types Estimators of Population Mean Using Moments Under Calibration Approach

    Menakshi Pachori, Neha Garg

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2022
    Pages: 225-237
    Received: 21 November 2022
    Accepted: 13 December 2022
    Published: 23 December 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajtas.20221106.16
    Abstract: Calibration is a well-known technique for weight adjustment using various sets of constraints. This paper considers exponential ratio-type calibrated estimators for finite population mean using first three moments about the origin of the auxiliary variable in the calibration constraint under stratified random sampling. The exponential mean-type est... Show More