International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciences

Volume 8, Issue 6, November 2022

  • Evaluation of Alcoholic Extract of Elaeagnus Angustifolia L. in Diminishing Proinflammatory Genes in a Model of CA-II-Induced OA Mice

    Amir Akbarnejad Eshkalak, Ladan Keyvan

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 6, November 2022
    Pages: 78-86
    Received: Oct. 28, 2022
    Accepted: Dec. 08, 2022
    Published: Dec. 27, 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijcems.20220806.11
    Abstract: In the present study, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of alcoholic extract of Elaeagnus angustifolia L.(AEEA) in a model of CIA II-induced osteoarthritis in mice were investigated in vivo and in vitro. Production of inflammatory cytokines such as iL-1β, TNF-α, iL-6 as well as COX-2, iNOS by chondrocytes and synovial macrophages stimulat... Show More
  • Clinical Representation of the Different Rheumatological Manifestations of Diabetes

    Halidou Idrissa Abdoul-Rahamane, Kawtar Nassar, Saadia Janani

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 6, November 2022
    Pages: 87-91
    Received: Mar. 25, 2022
    Accepted: Apr. 19, 2022
    Published: Jan. 13, 2023
    Abstract: The various rheumatological clinical manifestations related to diabetes constitute a group of pathologies secondary to diabetes, regardless of the type of diabetes (type 1 or type 2), in most cases the manifestations are discovered at an advanced stage of diabetes, on average after 10 years of evolution. The different conditions of this group are f... Show More