Education Journal

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2020

  • Practice and Theory in the Moral Development: Question of Awareness

    Adrian Oscar Dongo Montoya

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2020
    Pages: 1-8
    Received: 21 October 2019
    Accepted: 25 December 2019
    Published: 6 January 2020
    Abstract: The study of moral development, as well as that of affective and intellectual life, highlights the need to establish which relations exist between the child's practical action and his reflection on it. However, analyzing these relationships requires considering the process that can make them intelligible, which is awareness. In this paper, we analy... Show More
  • Interdisciplinary Approach to Emotional Intelligence of Teacher of Musical Art

    Ludmila Rakityanska

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2020
    Pages: 9-13
    Received: 25 December 2019
    Accepted: 3 January 2020
    Published: 17 January 2020
    Abstract: The article focuses on the significance of the methodological knowledge as a foundation of any scientific research, in which the function of the research tools is performed by methodological approaches. The concept and the logic of the pedagogical research were based on the requirements of the general methodology and the specific one, the philosoph... Show More
  • The Analysis of Science Education Lessons at Primary Level

    Svantje Schumann

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2020
    Pages: 14-22
    Received: 4 November 2019
    Accepted: 2 January 2020
    Published: 27 January 2020
    Abstract: The phenomenon of "swimming and sinking" is a very demanding basic concept not only for children but also for teachers. Nevertheless, it is often taught in science lessons at primary schools. The following article analyzes a teaching sequence on the subject of "swimming and sinking" in 2nd grade, available as video recording, as well as accompanyin... Show More
  • Constructing and Practicing on Application-oriented Talent Training Mode Based on Graduation Design for Undergraduate of International Economics and Trade

    Yong Hu, Qiushi Hu

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2020
    Pages: 23-28
    Received: 1 March 2019
    Accepted: 18 November 2019
    Published: 31 January 2020
    Abstract: Under the background of innovations of education in Chinese universities, It was selected parts of the undergraduate students majoring in International Economy and Trade in university of Sanya to make a graduation design instead of graduation thesis. The graduation design becomes a very important part of students’ achievements. It integrates elemen... Show More
  • Study on the Urban and Rural Differences in Education Quality Supervision and Instruction of Public Interest Kindergartens in Chongqing

    Li Zonglu, Cai Hongmei, Liao Linlin

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2020
    Pages: 29-36
    Received: 8 January 2020
    Accepted: 27 February 2020
    Published: 17 March 2020
    Abstract: Supervision and instruction of education quality is an important guarantee for public interest kindergartens to realize their public welfare, popularization and high quality. The purpose of the study is to investigate the current status of supervision and instruction quality of public interest kindergartens in urban and rural areas of Chongqing. Th... Show More