Journal of Plant Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016

  • Biological Activities and Chemical Composition of Brazilian Bromeliaceae Species – A Systematic Review

    Michelle Pereira da Cruz, Noelly Bastos Cavalcante, Mariana Gama e Silva, Larissa Araujo Rolim, Jackson Roberto Guedes da Silva Almeida

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016
    Pages: 132-138
    Received: 8 September 2016
    Accepted: 7 October 2016
    Published: 1 November 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.jps.20160406.11
    Abstract: Studies of Bromeliaceae species have demonstrated the presence of a large variety of chemical constituents that have important biological activities such as: antimicrobial, antihelmintic, antinociceptive, antitumor, antiulcer and gastroprotective. Thus, this systematic review reports the studies in the literature about the biological activities and... Show More
  • Evaluating the Impact of Border Crops on Aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Infestation and Damage in Butternut Squash (Cucurbita moschata)

    Sipiwe Gobiye, Innocent Pahla, Elizabeth Ngadze

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016
    Pages: 139-145
    Received: 13 September 2016
    Accepted: 28 September 2016
    Published: 10 November 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.jps.20160406.12
    Abstract: Aphids cause loss of quality and value in butternut crops due to pest injury and the transmission of viruses in a non-persistent manner. A field experiment was conducted in Daylesford, Gweru in August 2012/2013 planting season to evaluate border cropping practice as a management strategy for aphid infestation and damage in butternut squash (Cucurbi... Show More
  • Morpho-Molecular Screening for Bacterial Leaf Blight Resistance in Some Rice Lines and Varieties

    M. H. M. Mubassir, Khondoker M. Nasiruddin, Nazmul Hoque Shahin, Shamsun Nahar Begum, Manas Kanti Saha, A. Q. M. Bazlur Rashid

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016
    Pages: 146-152
    Received: 18 October 2016
    Accepted: 27 October 2016
    Published: 16 November 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.jps.20160406.13
    Abstract: Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) is one of the major and oldest diseases of rice. The best cost effective management of this disease is the development of resistant cultivars. Morphological and molecular screening are widely used approach in the recent scenario for identifying BLB resistant cultivar. In present study, two experiments were carried out to... Show More
  • Genetic Diversity Analysis and DNA Fingerprinting of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) Genotypes Using SSR Markers

    Md. Rezwan Molla, Iftekhar Ahmed, Md. Motiar Rohman, Md. Amjad Hossain, Md. Aziz Zilani Chowdhury

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016
    Pages: 153-164
    Received: 13 October 2016
    Accepted: 31 October 2016
    Published: 23 November 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.jps.20160406.14
    Abstract: Microsatellite combines several features of an ultimate molecular marker and they are used increasingly in various plant genetic studies and applications. Characterization of mungbean genotypes on the basis of DNA fingerprinting has become an efficient tool to link genotypic variation. This work is reporting the utilization of a small set of five p... Show More
  • Diversity and Vegetation Structure of Shrubs and Trees in Magada Forest, Bule-Hora District, Borena Zone, Oromia Region, Southern Ethiopia

    Garuma Gerbaba, Wendawek Abebe

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016
    Pages: 165-171
    Received: 10 August 2016
    Accepted: 23 August 2016
    Published: 2 December 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.jps.20160406.15
    Abstract: This study was conducted in Magada Forest, Bule-Hora District, Borena Zone, Oromia Region, Southern Ethiopia. The main objective of the study was to investigate diversity and vegetation structure of trees and shrubs in the forest. Systematic sampling method was used to collect vegetation data. Accordingly, 35 quadrats, each with 20 m x 20 m (400 m2... Show More
  • Survey of Wild Vegetables in the Lebialem Highlands of South Western Cameroon

    Ngone Abwe Mercy, Ndam Lawrence Monah, Mih Afui Mathias

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016
    Pages: 172-184
    Received: 11 November 2016
    Accepted: 25 November 2016
    Published: 7 January 2017
    DOI: 10.11648/j.jps.20160406.16
    Abstract: Wild vegetables are known to make important contributions to food baskets and livelihoods in the smallholder and subsistence farming communities of Sub-Saharan Africa. Protecting and promoting the sustainable use of these vegetables in concert with more mainstream agricultural innovation efforts has the potential to build household resilience to fo... Show More
  • Characterization of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Genotypes from the Western Highlands Region of Cameroon Using Morphological and Agronomic Traits

    Mariette Anoumaa, Gabriel Kanmegne, Eric Bertrand Kouam, Gaston Sefu Amzati, Nasser Kouadio Yao, Théophile Fonkou, Hermann Desiré Mbouobda, Funda Arslanoglu, Denis Ndoumou Omokolo

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016
    Pages: 185-194
    Received: 18 November 2016
    Accepted: 5 December 2016
    Published: 7 January 2017
    DOI: 10.11648/j.jps.20160406.17
    Abstract: Seventy-seven (77) potato accessions were collected from production areas in Western highlands of Cameroon (5°10’-6°30’N and 9°30’- 10° 80’E). Out of the 77 accessions, 69 were traditional and 8 were modern varieties. The genotypes were grown under Menoua (5°27’N, 10°04’E) ecological conditions. 23 morphological and agronomical traits from the inte... Show More
  • Water Level Rise Induced Limnological Changes Indirectly Influencing the Structure of Aquatic Macrophyte Communities in a Tropical Reservoir

    Edson Gomes de Moura Júnior, Arnildo Pott, William Severi, Carmen Silvia Zickel

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2016
    Pages: 195-201
    Received: 2 December 2016
    Accepted: 10 December 2016
    Published: 9 January 2017
    DOI: 10.11648/j.jps.20160406.18
    Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the degree of contribution of limnological variables to explaining ecological processes involving aquatic macrophytes after an event of water level rise (WLR) of an artificial lake (Cursai Reservoir - CR), located in northeastern Brazil. Initially we tested the hypotheses that limnological characteristics, and species r... Show More