American Journal of Environmental Protection

Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2016

  • Chronological History and Destruction Pattern of Tornados in Bangladesh

    Md. Shahadat Hosen, Abu Jubayer

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2016
    Pages: 71-81
    Received: 1 May 2016
    Accepted: 27 May 2016
    Published: 18 June 2016
    Abstract: Bangladesh has been facing the severe tornado incidents from the historical ages due to its geographical location. In recent years, it becomes more frequent; even hit the land more than six times in a year. The study has been conducted based on critical review and analysis of secondary data. This review paper has been carried out to recognize the c... Show More
  • Development for Sustainable Construction System Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) in Egypt Using Nanotechnology

    Mohamed Said Meselhy ElSaeed

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2016
    Pages: 82-89
    Received: 7 June 2016
    Accepted: 18 June 2016
    Published: 30 June 2016
    Abstract: One of the mile stones for the success of construction projects is the project management triangle (time, cost and quality). During the past decade, a lot of construction systems have been developed to this triangle. GFRG system was one of these systems (for example that was established in Australia), it fulfilled LEED certificate for construction ... Show More
  • A Review of Nchanga Tailings Dam Operations and Seasonal Assessment of Its Effluent Quality

    Ronald Ngulube, Kennedy Nakena Katundu, Kenny Nyirenda, Anthony Siakamba

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2016
    Pages: 90-96
    Received: 3 June 2016
    Accepted: 21 June 2016
    Published: 6 July 2016
    Abstract: The Nchanga tailings dam, a reservoir of mine waste from Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) operations in Zambia, discharges its effluent into the local Muntimpa stream. The Muntimpa stream, a possible source of drinking and domestic water for the local population, flows into Mwambashi stream which subsequently discharges into Kafue river. The Kafue river ... Show More
  • Elimination Cyanide with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Calcium Hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)2) on Gold Mine Waste from North Luwu, South Sulawesi

    Muntasir, M. Sjahrul, Muhammad Zakir, Indah Raya

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2016
    Pages: 97-102
    Received: 15 June 2016
    Accepted: 27 June 2016
    Published: 13 July 2016
    Abstract: In this study, the elimination of cyanide by the addition of hydrogen peroxide and calcium hypochlorite was investigated. This study was conducted to determine the optimum conditions of H2O2and Ca(OCl) 2: concentration, pH and contact time, and the combined ratio of concentration H2O2 with Ca(OCl) 2 to remove cyanide in gold mining wastewater. Cyan... Show More
  • Sulphur Dioxide Adsorption on Nickel Smelting Industry in East Luwu Using a Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide

    Agus Dina, Muhammad Sjahrul, Muhammad Zakir, Dadang Ahmad Suriamihardja

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2016
    Pages: 103-108
    Received: 22 June 2016
    Accepted: 4 July 2016
    Published: 16 July 2016
    Abstract: Research on SO2 gas adsorption from emissions of nickel ore industries plant use coal in the smelting process and the production by using H2O2 as an adsorbent solution. The adsorbent used to reduce the level of SO2 in the air pollution. This study includes the adsorption of SO2 gas of 6 factory chimneys at the nickel ore industry (2 dryers, 2 kilns... Show More