American Journal of Environmental Protection

Volume 9, Issue 4, August 2020

  • Concentrations and Human Health Risk Assessment of Cd, Co, Cr, Ni, and Pb via Eating White Granulated Garri Produced in Nigeria

    Pereware Adowei, Elvis Ebenezer, Douye Markmanuel

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, August 2020
    Pages: 77-85
    Received: 6 October 2019
    Accepted: 6 November 2019
    Published: 6 July 2020
    Abstract: White granulated garri, an extensively consumed foodstuff in Nigeria made from fermented cassava tubers has recorded little studies on its heavy metals content. The concentrations of Cd, Co, Cr, Ni and Pb in commercial white granulated garri commonly sold in three major markets in Port Harcourt, Nigeria were established using Inductively Coupled Pl... Show More
  • Application of Remote Sensing for Impacts Assessment of Petroleum Activities and Facilities in Bongor Basin, Chad Republic

    Samba Koukouare Prosper, Dorim Ngarbaroum, Ewodo Mboudou Guillaume, Djim-Assal Datoloum, Danwe Raindandi

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, August 2020
    Pages: 86-96
    Received: 14 August 2020
    Accepted: 26 August 2020
    Published: 3 September 2020
    Abstract: The objective of this study is to compare various changes of ecological parameters within time period prior petroleum activities and after facilities establishment in Bongor basin. Analysis of landsat 7 images from March 24 to April 5, 2000 and that of landsat 8 from February 13, 2015, before and after oil operations respectively, made it possible ... Show More