American Journal of Environmental Protection

Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2021

  • Peasant Resilience and Stakes in Crop Cultivation Within an Unstable Bio-Physical Milieu: The Case of Bui Division, North West Region, Cameroon

    Godwill Tobouah Nyanchi, Mbanga Lawrence Akei, Frankline Nghobuoche, Tassah Ivo Tawe, Nkiene Valery Antu, Mkong Unity Ghekendeh

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2021
    Pages: 37-52
    Received: 4 August 2020
    Accepted: 7 May 2021
    Published: 20 May 2021
    Abstract: Prospects of food crop cultivation and supply center on peasant resilience and their adaptability to the surrounding bio-physical milieu. Farmers’ predisposition to the numerous challenges within their biophysical context makes them resilient and thoughtful in strengthening their skills. The soils, relief, climate and vegetation of Bui Division hei... Show More
  • Assessment of Some Heavy Metals Contamination in Some Vegetables (Tomato, Cabbage, Lettuce and Onion) in Ethiopia: A Review

    Dagne Bekele Bahiru

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2021
    Pages: 53-58
    Received: 16 April 2021
    Accepted: 19 May 2021
    Published: 31 May 2021
    Abstract: Heavy metals in the soil are associated with various chemical forms that related to their solubility nature which directly bear on their mobility and biological availability. Vegetable and other crops can absorb heavy metals from soil and, deposited on the part of their tissues. The aim of this review is to assess the extent of heavy metals in some... Show More